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Welcome to HIWAGA. We are the biggest Salon and Spa located at heart of the city of Destiny “Visakhapatnam”. Our emphasis is on all aspects of salon, spa, hair and Skin Treatments. HIWAGA has set the benchmark for excellence in spa and salon experiences. Hiwaga is a place where people from in and around vizag visit when they want to relax, re-align and re-energise themselves. The Spa offers a plethora of experiences that are designed to leave you with a sense of lasting wellness.

In our everyday lives, as we run to achieve our personal and professional goals, we forget all about really enjoying life and its moments, we forget to pause and relax. “HIWAGA” has been specifically conceived keeping in mind the exhausting demands of a busy schedule, the adverse consequences of a modern lifestyle on our body, mind, and soul.For many thousands of ‘regulars’ who swear by our massage, skin and other regimens, it is part of their periodic health and wellness regimen which gives them the extra edge. HIWAGA is a luxury destination where no effort is spared to regale the senses – the sights, the aromas, the textures, and the atmospherics are all designed with a single purpose of soothing, nurturing your body and mind into a sense of wellbeing. Our staff is the best in industry, and they are wizards in the art of rejuvenation.

Our philosophy is, happiness is the highest state of well-being and it’s infused into everything we do.

Age requirement

Preferably age from 12 years and above.

health conditions

Kindly inform us about your health condition, allergies or injuries which could affect your choice of treatment when making your reservation.

Opening times

The beauty clinic operates from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.


We have specially designed treatments for expectant women or nursing mothers.Please allow our team to guide you in selecting which treatments are most suitable during this special time.

Arrival Time

We request you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that we could record your current requirements and details. If you arrive late and there is an appointment scheduled after yours, your treatment time might be shorter.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow us 24 hours for cancellation or rescheduling the treatments. We require 24 hours prior notice for any cancellation of clinical or salon services. Goods/Services once sold cannot be returned/ refunded or cancelled.

Gift Vouchers

Online can be redeemed only after the full payment is credited into our account. We require prior notice to redeem your gift voucher points.

Advisory Medical Note

Please note that the heat and clinical services are not appropriate for clients under 12 years of age, during pregnancy or if under medical supervision. If you are undergoing medical treatment or think that you may be pregnant, please inform at the time of your visit.

Therapies Customized to Individual Needs

If ‘earth’ represents the values of care & concern, gold stands for its highest degree of purity. The services at HIWAGA are aimed at providing the highest degree of purity for body, mind and soul along with utmost care and concern for a total well-being. The personalized service and attention to each individual client is a promise from HIWAGA. Here every service is designed to rekindle the senses, take the individual towards a newer, higher self.

At HIWAGA, we are guided by our concern for the individual, and hence, we consistently customize our treatment according to the needs of our client at that particular time. Naturally, no two experiences at the clinic will ever be the same, though the end results will be similar.

We are specialized in offering all kinds of advanced Skin and Hair treatments/Permanent Hair Removal treatments to bring the best in you and make you look outstanding and get a beauty makeover done !

We are also very selective in the products that we use to deliver our experiences, and they are world-class quality. 

“If you’re looking for consistency, professionalism, style and complete customer satisfaction, look on HIWAGA.”

Stress management and relaxation
Increased self-esteem and confidence
Improved circulation and blood pressure

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Phone : 073373 98983, 073373 98984

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Address : 2nd floor, 10-1-8/2, GRS Paradise, Beside Airtel office,   Sampath   Vinayaka  Temple   Rd, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh 530003

Our Vision & Our Missions

To inspire, cultivate and empower the integrity of well-being.

To bring the latest and most effective clinical and salon treatments and products, challenging convention along the way and infusing everything with our signature treatments – all to make you feel good.

A Place To Love Yourself